Saturday, May 9, 2009


1.  last night i had the pleasure of hanging out with a great group of women.   we drank a little wine, snacked on some good food and talked about kids.  one of the  mom's young daughter was watching a friend's little boy get a diaper change.  she told his mom that, "he has a very long vagina."  every time i think about this i giggle.  

2.  i've become complacent about having loads upon loads of laundry that need to be done (desperately), not going grocery shopping on a regular basis lately and the dust bunnies floating around our house.  i'll notice something that needs to be done, feel stressed about it for a good second and then tell myself to hell with it.

3.  the step-cat is sick.  like, really sick.  while the step-cat and i have never been best friends, it's sad to see him wobble around.  and i'm sad for his dad.  

it's time to sleep.  good night.

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