Friday, April 30, 2010

available here.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

food links

forgot how much i like the epi-log. it covers all things food from chefs and restaurants to gadgets, nutrition, gossip, and trends. i started reading it when neal pollack was guest blogging, though he's no longer writing for them.

i've been thinking about this all day.

i like beer. looking forward to social kitchen and brewery opening in our 'hood next week. take a tour here.

this is one of the most beautiful food blogs i've ever seen. can't remember if i've mentioned it here before.

a cupcake lover and coworker, brooke, told me about cupkate this week. located in the east bay, they will deliver if you hit their 2 dozen minimum. our office will be receiving a delivery very soon. i keep thinking the next time i need a dessert for something i can order and have them delivered to the office.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

ballet flats

these look comfortable:

from here.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

all over the internets, everyone is talking about kate lamphear.
is talking -- or has been talking about. yes, i know, i'm late the the kate lamphear love fest.

kate lamphear is the new kate of all the kates.*

i love her accessories. look at her rings!

and her jackets and her necklace and her t-shirt.

and her hair.

and her necklace.

*truth be told though, i still have a soft spot for kate moss. is that wrong?

all images are from the kate lamphear fashion spot forum.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

single malt candy bar

new year's eve 2000, i went to a party at my now husband's house. i can still picture him holding a glass of single malt scotch. my husband loves single malt scotch. he looks so cool drinking it, too. (i'd say he looks hot, but he'd get embarrassed and tell me not to put that on my blog. so he looks cool.)

off and on over the course of ten years i've tried to like scotch. i really want to like it.

but i can't. i smell it immediately think nail polish remover and if i have a sip, i feel my hair stand on end. perhaps i'm just not sophisticated enough. or maybe i'm not trying hard enough.

recently i received samples of a line of confections called bonbonbars. when i saw the single malt scotch candy bar i threw it in my purse and figured i'd let gabe be the judge of this item.

image from

gabe was excited to try it and he asked me if i wanted a taste.

i tried a tiny bite and it was great. i already knew that chocolate and salt and caramel are good together--almost everyone knows that. but the scotch--it was a nice addition to that combo.

i should also mention, their caramels are beautifully buttery and soft.

bonbonbar is a owned by nina wanat, who lives in the bay area. she has a food blog, sweet napa, which you can find here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

so cute it hurts

i purchased these on a whim.

lamb no. 3, from here.

they will be added to the collection of items that are framed and waiting to be hung. (formerly known as items that need to be framed.) what i'm trying to say is, we have a lot of items that need to be added to our boring, plain walls.

piglet no. 2, from here.

gotta love 20x200. i know i do.

where to put these? i was thinking kitchen. gabe says maybe bedroom. bathroom? can't decide.

Monday, April 5, 2010

elva fields

oh man. i love elva fields' necklaces. these necklaces make me want to get dressed up in a pretty, simple dress. and one of these here necklaces.

Subtlety Is Not Her Strong Suit

Sweet As Pie

Evoke Joy

i cannot recall what blog led me to elva fields...