Thursday, April 15, 2010

single malt candy bar

new year's eve 2000, i went to a party at my now husband's house. i can still picture him holding a glass of single malt scotch. my husband loves single malt scotch. he looks so cool drinking it, too. (i'd say he looks hot, but he'd get embarrassed and tell me not to put that on my blog. so he looks cool.)

off and on over the course of ten years i've tried to like scotch. i really want to like it.

but i can't. i smell it immediately think nail polish remover and if i have a sip, i feel my hair stand on end. perhaps i'm just not sophisticated enough. or maybe i'm not trying hard enough.

recently i received samples of a line of confections called bonbonbars. when i saw the single malt scotch candy bar i threw it in my purse and figured i'd let gabe be the judge of this item.

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gabe was excited to try it and he asked me if i wanted a taste.

i tried a tiny bite and it was great. i already knew that chocolate and salt and caramel are good together--almost everyone knows that. but the scotch--it was a nice addition to that combo.

i should also mention, their caramels are beautifully buttery and soft.

bonbonbar is a owned by nina wanat, who lives in the bay area. she has a food blog, sweet napa, which you can find here.

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