Thursday, April 29, 2010

food links

forgot how much i like the epi-log. it covers all things food from chefs and restaurants to gadgets, nutrition, gossip, and trends. i started reading it when neal pollack was guest blogging, though he's no longer writing for them.

i've been thinking about this all day.

i like beer. looking forward to social kitchen and brewery opening in our 'hood next week. take a tour here.

this is one of the most beautiful food blogs i've ever seen. can't remember if i've mentioned it here before.

a cupcake lover and coworker, brooke, told me about cupkate this week. located in the east bay, they will deliver if you hit their 2 dozen minimum. our office will be receiving a delivery very soon. i keep thinking the next time i need a dessert for something i can order and have them delivered to the office.

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