Wednesday, October 14, 2009


1. a truck tipped over on the bay bridge this afternoon (amazingly there were no injuries) and subsequently, i didn't get home until almost NINE PM. (i would've just typed 9, but i thought NINE would look more dramatic).

i worked at the office until it was just me and one other woman and then i went shopping.

at almost 8 when i was leaving emeryville i learned that the 3 lanes on the bridge were still blocked so i went from emeryville, across the richmond-san rafael bridge, south about 15 miles on 101, across the golden gate bridge and into the city.


it cost me $9 (or should i say NINE dollars?) to get home.

i love the golden gate bridge -- i think it's so pretty but i have to admit that every time i drive across it, i worry about a tsunami. this makes me speed. ugh.

2. because of #1 above, i only got to see ollie for about 5 minutes this morning. i miss him.

3. i'm not fond of public speaking and today i had a give a lengthy presentation. so so so so so so so glad it's over.

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