Monday, February 22, 2010


i'm obsessed with the wire. gabe and i have been working our way through season one. the other night, we finished episode eight and he went to bed. i stayed up to watch one more. then it turned into two more. even though i knew that ollie would be up in a few hours, i stayed up. if you haven't seen the wire and plan to, ignore the next part: in episode ten, the second one i stayed up to watch, kima gets shot. and oh my god, i was freaking out. my eyes welled with tears. for a few minutes i toyed with the idea of waking gabe up, to tell him the news about kima, but i knew he'd be less than amused so i didn't. i did text my brother and tried to get him to tell me if she dies. (his answer? watch it.) i've still yet to see the next episode. but i did check out the wire website. oh my god, she didn't die! (good news!) and, bubs doesn't get clean. (bad news!)

i've watched very little of the winter olympics. i'm watching them now. (right now we're watching the scottish brother and sister duo skating to lincoln park. i can't stop giggling. i just asked gabe if he'd skate like that with his sister. and he asked me if i'd skate like that with my brother. he's also telling me that they aren't going to do well. the judges aren't going to like this. apparently gabe knows quite a bit about figure skating.) back to the olympics -- i've been way too busy to watch the olympics. what with kell on earth, the wire, real housewives of the oc, big love, and how to make it in america, how could i squeeze in the olympics?

and two more things about figure skating. is it just me or are the outfits worse than ever?
why are all the women skaters blowing kisses at the camera?

zero to three is so cool. you can pick a toddler's age and then read about their brain development. neat!

rummey bears is a darling blog, with good taste.

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Elizabeth said...

I gave in and started watching The Wire but I haven't started season two yet. I was hoping the ol' bf would watch season one and then move back here so we could watch the rest of the seasons together but that's not gonna happen anytime soon. Now I know you guys are at a similar spot in the series, maybe I'll pick it back up again this weekend. It just seems like a show you need to watch "with" someone.

Except dude, I have to tell you -- I was hoping Kima would die and that I wouldn't have to watch her overacting, tough lesbian crap anymore. She's not my favorite. Bubs though, makes me sad. I love him.