Wednesday, July 7, 2010

we spent a lot of time in the outer sunset this past weekend (part 1)

saturday night by brother came up and watched ollie so gabe and i could have a night off/out.

my brother is really, really great with ollie. he spends most of his time with ollie trying to get ollie to say his name.

and, when he's babysitting, he spends a lot of time hoping that ollie doesn't poop his pants. on saturday before my brother came up we were talking on the phone. i said something to him about giving ollie a snack. my brother reminded me to go easy on the raisins, hoping to avoid a messy diaper change later. when he has had to change ollie's diaper when we've been out, on previous nights, he gives us a play-by-play text message update. kind of like this:

he's grunting. might be pooping.

oh, he farted.

oh, yes, definitely a poop.

when are you coming home?

and then, a while later, he'll let us know that he's changed his diaper:


also, i want to tell you: he was appalled by ollie's breath when he arrived on saturday. he kept asking me what ollie ate. i couldn't figure out what exactly had ruined his breath. maybe meatballs?

anyway. date night! whoo hoo!

we went to sushi. it was so good. sushi and beer. and gabe.

then, we went to a bar, in the outer sunset, to see a band. a really good band. and there was more beer.

of course, that couple was there. you know the couple i'm talking about -- they were totally and completely dirty dancing. once everyone was over the shock of their dance moves, there was a lot of debate. were they married and in love? she was wearing a wedding ring. or was she married and flirting? they left together.

it was really, really, really fun to have a night out with my husband.

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frances g. said...

crap. i told erik we should have stayed in our neighborhood that night.