Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a coworker sent this photo to me this morning. she wrote:

My, how he’s grown!!

Just doing some Outlook cleanup…

it made me a bit weepy.

my new iphone arrived in the mail today and i'm super happy. my current phone has been so slow it makes me remember trying to use the internet with dial-up.

i just realized, right now, that two years ago yesterday i got the iphone. it's our two year anniversary.

gabe kept telling me should get one and that i'd love it.

after i got the phone, gabe kept telling me to download the scrabble app--he said i'd love it. finally i downloaded it. the timing was perfect because i stopped reading books about childbirth around then, which was a good thing, because i was worried enough.

but back to scrabble. the night that i went to the hospital to be induced, the nurse told gabe and me to get some sleep. gabe obeyed. i played scrabble.

probably 15 minutes after ollie was born i sent the photo above to a couple coworkers, friends and family. i pretended like it came from gabe, using my phone: baby and mom are doing great.

as a new mom, the iphone was incredible because i could read blogs, play scrabble and keep track of ollie's feedings while i nursed. it made getting up at all hours of the night totally bearable.

as the mother of an almost 2-year old, it's a great distraction once he's tired of books and hot wheels, when we're at restaurants.

so yeah, gabe, you were right.

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