Tuesday, April 26, 2011

we spent easter with my family in the south bay. first stop was my folk's house for a little egg hunt and then dinner at my aunt's.

ollie was ready to go before i even showered.

fireman hat? check
new shoes*? check
purse** slung over his shoulder? check
black pants? check
pacifier***? check
shirt of his choice? check
sweatshirt? check

* even though he had other shoes, he insisted on wearing the same blue vans into the ground (twice). for the past year and a a half, it's been blue vans, all the time. we decided that this weekend it was time for new shoes, with the thought that if he picked them he might agree to them. it worked. after requesting first purple shoes, then red shoes, he ended up picking grey new balance sneakers. then we ran around a (very, very) long block because they made him run really fast. success!

**the purse is an old camera bag of mine. he insists on wearing it over his shoulder like i wear my purse. he sat around the house for an hour and a half waiting for me to get ready with his purse on as pictured above. its contents: a yellow rubber duck and a purple (his favorite color) slinky.

*** the pacifier. he no longer naps with it at school. recently we made a rule in our house--he can only have it in his crib. problem is, he takes pacifier breaks with it constantly. he's like a smoker. bad idea on our part.

i love this age.

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