Thursday, August 18, 2011

a good read

maggie linked to erika ray's blog and i'm three pages in. it's a really good read, the kind of blog i could delve into and miss out on a few hours of sleep because i get so into it. and, she's an amazing photog, to boot. go read it if you'd like.

speaking of losing sleep, well lemme tell ya! i started playing words with friends while on vacation. i've been losing sleep over this one, too. not worrying about it...but playing. i think i have 11 games going right now. at first i would get anxious when people would wait an entire day between moves. anxious meaning annoyed that they were dirtying up my list of current games. i've worked through that.

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Elizabeth said...

I would like to WWF with you. I am Elizabethkindalikes.