Wednesday, November 23, 2011

yesterday was my granny's birthday. she would've been 91.

my aunt sent this photo out with the following note:

remembering mom on her birthday and giving thanks for our rosemary-mom-granny. november 22, 1920-february 21, 1995

dad's (my grandfather's) inscription on the back of this photo: what a bride-nassau '65


in this photo my grandmother was 45 years old and she'd given birth to 8 children. eight. i can't wrap my head around this. she was an amazing woman and i have so many lovely memories of her. she had a fantastic jewelry box and she'd let me play with all of her costume jewelry. she had a drawer of drugstore lipsticks in her bathroom. i remember them all as being coral, though i know they weren't. she'd save all of her many, many catalogs and everytime i'd go over to her house, she'd give them to me...

so many really happy memories of this woman. there's much more to tell about her, but i'll save that for another time. such a beauty, inside and out.

happy birthday, granny.

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Gabrielle said...

beautiful post tracey!