Tuesday, December 6, 2011

my folks are intelligent. they were and are, great parents. they're excellent human beings. (you know there's a but coming.) but, when it comes to technology, they're a little...unsure.

my dad calls it "doing email." they both tell me the computer deletes their emails. nothing is paid for online with a credit card.

gabe is our resident i.t. guy. patient and cheerful, and calm, he always helps them out.

and, in all fairness, i do need to admit, i'm not the most savy when it comes to technology. i don't care about high definition tv. i keep forgetting how to put more songs on my iphone. i often need to ask the i.t. guy for help with the remote.

when i read this post, by jason good, i was lying next to a sleeping ollie and i'm surprised i didn't wake him shaking with laughter. read the comments, too--they're really funny.

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