Thursday, February 26, 2009

margin detail

i follow this guy, chris piascik's flickr page.  he does daily drawings with tons of hand-drawn lettering.

he's part of a group, called margin detail, that's totally devoted to doodles.

Margin Detail is a collection of unrefined doodles by working illustrators and designers including Eric Ellis, Chad Kouri, Jesse Hora, Chris Piascik and Kate Bingaman-Burt as well as other guest contributors. The only problem is… we can’t come to a decision on what defines a doodle! Does it have to be done quickly? Only use one drawing utensil? small? crappy?! All of the above? We just don’t know. So, help us out! What do you think a doodle is? Leave your definition below while we fumble our way through finishing the rest of the site for our launch on MARCH 28th. Enjoy!
you can leave them a note describing what you think defines a doodle.

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