Thursday, April 9, 2009

ollie's daycare is closed this week through thursday. gabe stayed home with him monday and i stayed home with him yesterday and today. he's been sick for the better part of three weeks and today he finally seemed like himself. we went on a long walk, we did a little shopping and we even drove over to golden gate park to go swing. (the swinging didn't happen though because he fell asleep at the exact moment i found parking.)

we had some super ripe bananas sitting around and i can only drink so many smoothies so i made banana bread with chocolate chips.

lately, my favorite combination has been banana and chocolate. i've had banana filled chocolate truffles, chocolate chip banana bread and banana chocolate chip cookies.

bananas and chocolate are my new salted caramels.

i pulled this recipe from simply recipes. the recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar, but it says you can use 3/4 of a cup. as i mentioned before, i also added chocolate chips. because, um, hi. everything's better with chocolate chips.

while i made this, i sat ollie in his high chair next to me and i played cooking show. i provided him with a running commentary, detailing what i was doing. i gave him lots of tips that i'm sure he'll remember forever.

the finished result was great. i ate half the loaf and skipped dinner. healthy.

next up i think i'll make banana cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

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