Sunday, September 6, 2009

flora grubb gardens

we went to flora grubb gardens today and explored.

here's what we were looking for:
  • items to replace some expired plants in the terrarium. i swear i kill all plants.
  • a new base for our plant in our living room because we have visions of ollie pulling the whole thing down on him, which is a scary thought.
  • a new air plant for the shelf in the hallway. i've managed to kill my second air plant in 2 years. (do you know how hard it is to kill an air plant?! do you?!)
we didn't manage to accomplish all of our list, but not for lack of selection. i think it'll require a second trip back. we did get a ritual coffee to drink as we browsed. can't beat that.
and we bought a base for the plant, which we've decided to park on the floor.

if you haven't been to flora grubb yet, it's so worth the trip. i'm still thinking about it 4 hours later.

check out the vertical garden, it's incredible.

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