Tuesday, September 15, 2009

tired. lazy.

wtf target: frugalistas? not a fan of the new campaign.

on facebook, more of my contacts commented on patrick swayze's death
than michael jackson's death. lots of baby in the corner comments.

we're going to a wedding in november. the ceremony is outside and there will be walking to the ceremony site. what to wear?

ollie turns one in 4 weeks. omg. the first year flew. and he's so not a baby anymore.

i can't figure out how to remove the flickr application from my facebook page, which makes me feel bad posting to flickr because my contacts probably don't want to see another picture of oliver.

i want to cut my hair off.

i want to grow my hair out.

i have my period. why do people say they're on their period? you are not on your period. your period might get on you. or your pants. but you do not get on it. (clearly it's time for me to go to bed. ollie's 4:30 AM wake ups are taking their toll.)

i've been walking everyday after work from 5-6 with ollie and it's really nice.

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