Sunday, December 13, 2009



dynamo dounut, oh how i love you so.

pictured: caramel de sel, vanilla bean and lemon pistachio
surprisingly, vanilla bean was my favorite and i'm usually a caramel de sel kinda gal.

overall a very good food weekend: fresh crab, kazu sushi, blue bottle coffee, los jarritos, dynamo donut and bstar.

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Elizabeth said...

I've been eating a lot of Dynamo donuts lately and I would like to report the following:

* The vanilla was the least exciting to me.

* The caramel one was good but the caramel was like its own entity and it got stuck in my teeth like nobody's business.

* The pistachio one was good and my boyfriendish person (!) LOVED it.

* I'm a sucker the chocolate spice (the one on the list of 100 things to try in SF before you die) or the chocolate rose but the coconut also recently made it onto my list of favorite donuts.