Tuesday, December 15, 2009

happy birthday

saturday night i went to a friend's birthday party.

g had other plans and i was on my own.

the party was a dress up party. it started at eight. i finally settled on an outfit at 9. and then i called a cab. by the time i even got through to a cab company, it was after nine. by the time i got to the party, i was two hours late.

it was a really good party: happy, friendly people and amazing food and drink.

his husband toasted him and then my friend got up to say a few words.

it was emotional for him. he recently lost his mother. he told the story i'm about to tell you. i keep thinking about it. it made my eyes well up with tears on saturday night and again tonight.

when he was in 5th grade, he moved to the bay area with his mom and sister. he didn't know anyone.

he wanted a batman party. (now he says it may or may not have had something to do with michael keaton.)

so, his mom threw him a batman party.

there were two fifth grade classes at his school. they invited everyone in both classes.

only his neighbors showed up. my friend said they probably had no choice.

his mom proceeded to throw him a batman party as if there were two fifth grade classes there. (a good lesson for me. mental note. noted.)

at this point my friend stopped telling his story, and looked up, trying not to cry. there were people standing everywhere: in the dining room, in the living room, on the stairs, all craning their necks to see him.

he continued. he said, that he had no one come to his birthday party when he was in 5th grade and now, on saturday night, he looked around the room and he was surrounded by people who loved him.

and it was so true, there were so many people from so many areas of my friend's life there: his friend from 6th grade, his aunt, his cousin, his husband, former coworkers, friends...

it gave me goosebumps.

today is my friend's real birthday. i hope it is a magical year for him. i'm pretty sure it will be.
happy birthday. xo

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