Monday, June 21, 2010

i take ollie to this park sometimes. recently we were leaving and i saw a former customer standing around in a group, in front of a garage, with two other men smoking a joint. he was always a favorite and i giggled out loud when i saw him.

he'd come in daily to get one muffin and one danish, which he'd share with his dogs. everyday, the same thing: one muffin and one danish.

he loved to tell me about his grandkids, particularly his granddaughter. every december he'd take her to see the nutcracker. he beamed when he talked about her.

he was a retired fireman, who was also an accountant. one year he even did my taxes for me.
it was around valentine's day and i paid him in roses for his girlfriend.

one day, i was working in the bakery and a pretty young blonde woman came in. she was very friendly and she ordered the same muffin and the same danish that he always ordered. i grabbed them for her and put them in a bag. i offered my brightest smile and said, "are these for your dad?" i can still hear myself saying it. there was a lot of enthusiasm. i think i was proud that i'd made the connection.

she laughed and told me they were for her boyfriend, not her dad.

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Elizabeth said...

Ha! I love this!

And funny enough, I get my taxes done by a fireman who is also an accountant. My firetant (!) isn't retired though...and I have to pay him in actual dollars.