Saturday, June 5, 2010

he likes to walk down to the corner to see the choo choo, which is the muni.

he walks up to neighbors' garages, gates, plants, cars and touches them and laughs. he waves at folks backing out of their garages and says hi to teenagers in love, sitting on their porch. he looks for his friend adam and his friend thomas. he points out trees, trucks, flowers and birds. everytime we pass a motorcyle, scooter or bike he asks me, "that?"

the other day we were walking down the street, headed towards the corner, when i noticed his shoe was untied. i bent over to tie it. i knew my underwear (a thong. seriously. classy.) was hanging out but i didn't care. he's impatient and he won't hold still: the goal was to tie the shoe so we can move!

a woman was approaching but i proceeded to tie the shoe. after she passed us, she turned back to give me a dirty look, and shook her head. i can't say i blame her. i looked her in the eye and and shook my head yes, agreeing with her.

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