Thursday, September 23, 2010

a few weeks ago we left ollie with my folks. we flew to new york to attend all tomorrows parties and see our dear friends. we'd both left ollie before, but never together.

we left on a wednesday night, on a red-eye so we were able to put ollie to bed and, as far as he knew, we'd only be gone for 4 nights.

before we put him to bed, the three of us read books on our bed, like we do every night. i cried. i told gabe, if we didn't have plane tickets i probably wouldn't be going. after we put him to bed, i was a blubbering mess.

on the way to the airport, i called my mother, who would be picking up ollie the next day (a babysitter was spending the night at our house that first night).

through tears, i gave her instructions, such as:

don't leave him in the car in hot weather. don't leave him in the car, period.

if you bring him swimming, you aren't to leave him alone for one second. she asked if my aunt could watch him in the pool, in case, say, she had to pee. i told her to pee in the pool. no one, NO ONE, was to be with him by the pool but her.

if you feed him grapes, they must be cut into 4 pieces. but he doesn't like grapes, i lied, so i wouldn't give him ANY grapes if i were her. or raisins. they're a choking hazard until the age of three i cautioned her. and he really doesn't like them, i lied.

and so on. it's a good thing that my mom has an excellent sense of humor. she thought my paranoia was quite a hoot.

by the time we got on the plane i was doing much better. of course, the beer i pounded at the airport (gabe made me!) probably helped me calm down.

we were gone a touch too long, but i was able to enjoy the trip. yay for overnights with the grandparents!

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Elizabeth said...

This post is adorable.