Wednesday, October 27, 2010

i mentioned we moved. our new place is in a special area, with pretty trees and a neat view. we feel very lucky.

we want to do a bunch of stuff to the house. big things like removing some built-ins in the bedrooms, knocking out the wall between the kitchen and living room, remodeling the entire downstairs and on and on.
all this stuff will come with time. probably once ollie's out of college.

and then there are the little things. stuff like new light fixtures and a new bedspread, which will only require making a decision (and nothing's really thrilling me).

anyway, we bought this shower curtain. i like it with our light, buttery (old) yellow tile in our bathtub.

shower c

right now we have a terrarium and 2 plants on the floor and we need shelving. below are a couple of ideas.

not sure of this one:
i'm thinking it's too much.

maybe something more like this, but not specifically this item:

ikea bano shelf

both from remodelista

anyone have any good sources for shelving? if so, email me directly.

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