Monday, October 18, 2010

a list of lately

1. we moved.
2. we said bye to our friends in sf, including ollie's best buddies: toto and garlala. (i cried. garlala cried. he didn't quite get it.)
3. we've been working, working, working to set up our house. i think we (me and g) sort of feel like we've not been able to breath lately. there's so much we want to do.
4. we have more stuff than we knew we had, which means moving was hard.
5. works been busy. and crazy. (in fact, i should be working right now.)
6. we had dear friends from ny and la visit.
7. we had dear family from la visit.
8. i've yet to do a proper grocery shop.
9. our freezer has 3 pints of ice cream from ici. you should try ici. you should actually go to ici. it's adorable.
10. our freezer also has 1 box of waffles. flax seed waffles, to be exact.
11. there's nothing else in our freezer besides items listed in 9 and 10.
12. my guy turned two. i still can't believe he's TWO.

13. he has tantrums now!
14. he also started school.
15. he's adjusting. he's being brave. it will all work out.
16. we are (finally) watching julie and julia tonight.
17. i'm working with a really cool non profit that's inspiring and exciting. it's making me happy.
18. i need glasses. only for reading and the computer. i'm trying to figure out when i can get glasses. and where i go. how does getting glasses work?!
19. i better work now.
20. and have some ice cream!

most boring blog post ever. sorry.

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