Thursday, June 16, 2011

you know the kind of friends that you can go for a long time without seeing, but once you do see them, it's almost like no time has lapsed, you just pick up where you left off? i'm super lucky to have friends like this.

this past weekend i hung out with one special lady who i'd not seen in a month and one special lady who i'd not seen in almost two years. and it was lovely to be around these two incredible women.

as a bonus, i got to meet a gorgeous 8-week old baby and catch up with an awesome 4-year old.

also notable, i also learned how to eat brisket this weekend. i'm a changed woman.

my lovely friend c's wonderful husband showed us why white bread comes with bbq.

i will never eat bbq the same way again.

take a slice of white bread and slather it in tangy bbq sauce. cover the surface with dill pickles and layer slices of brisket on top of pickles. fold in half. eat. repeat.

(i added a little bit of slaw to mine, too.)

next up, queso.

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