Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ollie must read my blog. he got me one of these for my birthday:

bday pres from olls
(obs his dad helped him out. sweet husband!)

last friday and this monday i had cookies for lunch. cookies dammit! and they weren't even particularly good cookies. i need to start bringing a lunch. i'm joining the gym again.

i need black flats. cute, simple black flats. i bought a pair sunday actually. super cute, just what i wanted. i wore them to work yesterday and was waddling around like a duck. they fit me sunday. on monday they were a size too small. no shit.

i'm going to a conference about cheese in austin, texas, and i'm excited. (equally. about texas and cheese.)

this flickr group makes me smile big. watch some of them and you will smile big, too.
If it's friday & you're home from work then DANCE DANCE DANCE!

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