Wednesday, July 1, 2009


this whole going to the park as a mom thing is kinda weird. it's like there's this whole park world i never even new existed.

last week there was a dad who was talking to a YOUNG babysitter for a loooooooooongggg time.

there was also the nanny in her hat, scarf and sunglasses, slinging her venti iced startbucks thing and totally ignoring the little burden she was in charge of.

the other day ollie and i were at the playground. first we went on the swings. then i put him in the sand. then we walked around.

a mother/nanny came up to me and asked me how old he was. i told her. then she looks down at his bare feet and goes, "doesn't that hurt his feet?" and i said no, i think it's okay. and i don't think she was trying to be bitchy. i think she was a little lonely.

so then she asks me what his name is. and i tell her, "oliver." and another mom walks up and goes, "MY SON'S NAME IS OLIVER!" and i was all, "no way!" and then i asked her what her son's middle name was and she goes, "max." and then i got all exited and said, "OLLIE'S MIDDLE NAME IS MAXIMILLIAN!" and she said, "my husband's name is max and i call him maximillian!" she was really sweet. and her oliver was super cute.

another thing i noticed at the park -- ollie doesn't seem like a baby anymore:



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