Thursday, July 2, 2009

clothing optional

there's a house across the street that always has the shades drawn. and we seldom see anyone coming and going.

imagine our surprise when we drove up to our house last saturday afternoon and noticed a man sweeping the walkway in his tighty whities. and nothing else.

then on sunday my folks came up and watched olls so we could go grab a bite to eat. when we got home the same man was sweeping the same area of sidewalk. this time he was wearing tighty whities and a t shirt.

it was warm in san francisco (and even the sunset) this past weekend, however, it wasn't hang out in your front yard in your underwear warm. at least we don't do that in around house unless it's at least in the nineties.

today he was sweeping the same area of the sidewalk, however, he was wearing pants and a shirt.

also today when i was driving home, i was stopped at stop light and i glanced to my right and noticed the man next to me was not wearing a shirt. and i was thinking that whatever, maybe he was driving up from some place like san jose, where it was super hot and maybe he had to take his shirt off. but then he held up a pair of pants, which leads me to believe that the man next to me was driving around with out any pants on, too.

whatever, i'm cool with clothing optional clothing policies. there's just been a lot of it going on this week.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Ghross...if he was showing you his pants he was getting off on you knowing he was nekkid.