Saturday, January 2, 2010


just looked back on my post from last year at this time. i didn't do so well... the closets were cleaned, the blog was maintained and i cook almost daily but other than that -- fail!

so, what do i want to do in 2010?
  • take more pictures -- i take pictures of ollie every. single. day. i won't stop doing this, however, i want to get back into taking more pictures of things other than my little guy.
  • shoot with film -- i've not used anything other than a digi cam for over two years
  • exercise (try the bikram studio down the street?)
  • open etsy store
  • draw daily
  • read more
  • stay off my computer 1 day a week
  • entertain more
  • try not to hibernate as much as i do
  • spend more time with my husband -- meaning get a sitter more often
  • send a holiday card
  • not be so obsessive about keeping the house clean

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