Friday, January 15, 2010

ugly!!! but soooo good

ollie loves trucks. he loves to look at pictures of them. he loves to look for them out the window. he loves to say the word truck. over and over and over again. and again. we've not pushed this on him either. it's just in his dna.

i got home from work earlier than usual on wednesday.* i decided to take him on a walk to look for trucks.**

that was a big build up for this little photo that i took on our walk.


* i have never been so excited for daylight savings. ever. ollie and i can start going to the park again after work. i hate that it's dark when i get home.

**i walked all the way to wishbone. when i got there i forgot why i had decided to go there in the first place and left empty handed.

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Elizabeth said...

I have a very important question and this post reminds me that YOU are the exact right person to ask!

So I want to get the bf a SF-ish t-shirt and a friend of mine had one I liked (I think it had Sutro Tower and an octopus on it or something) and he said he got it at Wishbone so I went looking but they didn't have anything I liked.

Where do the cool kids buy their t-shirts these days?