Saturday, January 30, 2010

the truck book

today ollie fell off the couch while on my watch. we were letting gabe sleep in and the two of us had just finished breakfast. we were sitting on the couch reading the truck book and he had a stream of snot dripping down his face. i turned to grab a tissue and he fell. i watched him slide off of the couch and hit his little head on the floor. he cried, i cried; my heart broke. he was over it long before i was.

can i tell you about the truck book for a minute? this is it:

he hands it to me to read him all the time. today i think i read it to him at least 10 times, no shit.

i've been buying other truck books, hoping to mix it up but this is the book. sometimes we might glance at the other truck books, but rarely do we read them cover to cover. over and over again, we look at fire trucks, tractors, excavators, and on and on and on in the truck book.

when we get to this page he makes a siren noise. i love it. it makes reading the truck book worth it every time.

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