Wednesday, May 5, 2010

urban farmgirls

a dear old friend was in town a few weeks ago. i've known this friend since we were sixteen.

my friend only comes home about once a year. i always admire her juggling abilities when she's home -- so many folks to see and things to do.

while she was in town visiting, my friend and her parents had our family over for lunch.

much like my friend, her mother is a very kind person. when we were in high school my friend's mom kept diet coke and fuji apples on hand in her fridge for me. when ollie was a couple of months old we went and visited my friend's mom and she was so kind and comforting about all my worries about ollie. not only did she listen to my fears, she wasn't condescending and she didn't make me feel silly for worrying.

i wanted to bring a little something for my friend's mom. i bought a pretty little succulent from the farmer's market, from urban farmgirls.

she also sells amazing succulent wreaths. i'm dying to buy one but i think i'd kill it pretty quickly.

wreath 1

wreath 2

photos from the urban farmgirl facebook page.

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