Thursday, May 6, 2010

i always stay up too late on thursday nights and you will gain suffer because of it:

  • elizabeth turned me onto beth spotswood's blog. she cracks me up. i would like to go to dinner with beth and elizabeth sometime. (i'd link to you, e, but i'm not sure if you want to be linked to?)
  • we finished the wire last night. i feel sort of empty. thank god that the city and the hills started last week. not really -- i never thought i'd say this but i just can't do it anymore.
  • i am enjoying nine by design on bravo. and, i'm looking forward to starting treme.
  • i'm a big fan of amy bloom and was told i'd love her newest book, too. can't wait to buy this.
  • i fell in love with golden gate park all over again this week. shit, i fell in love with san francisco all over again this week, thanks to the sunshine.
  • finally, cupkate is supposed to be amazing. i have plans to find out for myself.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm afraid that if I ever see Beth Spotswood in the wild I will gush and be stupid. I found her via Carrie, btw!