Sunday, May 30, 2010

we got some really great and special gifts for our wedding.

here's one:


another gift that we really loved came from jeff and shauna.

they put together a bag of six wines for us. each wine was labeled with a suggested pairing. it was a lot of fun (and special) to drink the wine together in the months after our wedding. (there was this one time though that i did have a girlfriend over and we decided we wanted wine and we did drink one of the bottles. shhhh!)

we've since used jeff and shauna's idea a couple of times ourselves. some very sweet people got married a while back (ummm, like 5-6 months ago) and this weekend we finally gave them their gift.

it's a fun gift to put together. and easy, too.

i purchased six bottles and paired them with: meat, fish, picnic, celebrate, cheese and pasta. (i actually didn't decide on the wines. i asked someone who knows much, much more about wine than i do to do this. i just told him i wanted one for pasta, one for meat, etc. and he picked the wines.)

then i made a label for each bottle, suggesting what to pair the wine with.
Bottle Label 2

Bottle Label CLose

the last step was finding a bag that would hold six bottles of wine. unfortunately, i could only find the bevmo! bag. if i had more time i would've ordered something from here.
Bottle Top 2

Bottle Side 2


Shauna said...

Glad you liked it!!

frances g. said...

this is the most adorable idea ever and please know that i'm going to steal it. ;)