Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ollie lately

this morning
he trotted out of the bedroom, carrying gabe's old monkey (that he calls a bear). "MAMA!!!!!" he ran into my arms. then asked for his morning usual: choos (cheerios) and raisins, leche, and, "cat in the hat!"

this afternoon
i walked into his classroom to pick him up. one group of children is sitting, quietly, with zeenat, reading books. one little boy, just back from vacation and looking sort of sad, is cuddling with luz. ollie and his buddy, are both pushing strollers in circles. ollie is wearing a big leopard print hat and his friend is wearing a construction helmet. both boys are sweaty, with pink cheeks, dirty fingernails, sticky hair and huge smiles.

he sat on my lap, and drove his orange truck up and down my arm, as i talked on the phone. he fell asleep like this, his fingers tightly gripping his truck. oblivious to me talking on the phone, to gabe coming home, and turning off the alarm. he slept through me changing his diaper, putting his jammies on, placing him in his crib, kissing him goodnight...

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