Tuesday, September 13, 2011


my sweet friend jane, who i met when we were 16 and became friends with instantly, has been a friend for almost 20 years. she is also one of my very favorite people in the world. she's my go-to for book recommendations and one of the few people i love to talk to on the phone -- we can yap for hours.

jane worked in a bead store when we were younger. she taught me a ton about different beads and techniques. we spent many a night seed beading and wire working. 16-17 years later, i still have all of the beads i bought way back when. and i've added to the collection often over the years.

i got inspired this weekend and made some bracelets.



i put one on gabe last night but he took it off. send me an email with "bracelet" in the subject, to tmcolla at yahoo dot com and i'll send you a bracelet of my choice, at no cost.

read jane's excellent blog here.

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