Monday, September 5, 2011

happy tuesday, folks.*

on friday i was telling a coworker about our grand plans to go to lake anza on saturday. said coworker has twins, who are close to ollie's age. he advised against lake anza (due to high bacteria levels) and recommended cull canyon. he didn't have to tell me twice. cull canyon it was.

i immediately started dreaming up snacks.

the place did not disappoint. it was like barton springs, in texas, except... not quite as amazing.


it was great though, and i expect as ollie gets older, it will only be more relaxing. the place is flush with lifeguards. i know this because i kept telling gabe i wished my stomach still looked like theirs...flat and tan. as i shoveled chips into my mouth.

there were tons of people who brought tents, which really turned out to be like private cabanas.

i loved the woman who brought her own hammock. she was blatantly reading a self help book and her husband/lover/partner, who was wearing a speedo, was eating ice cream out of a carton. gabe asked me who brings a carton of ice cream on a picnic? right! i also loved that the two women with them were mixing cocktails under the hammock and drinking their cocktails out of coffee mugs.

here's the umbrella we bought for vacation two years ago and never used until this year. we've used it a bunch this year but it still has the tags on it. ollie calls it the bumbrella.

family portrait.

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