Tuesday, January 3, 2012

new year, new goals

1. post regularly and actually write more on my blog.
2. open an etsy shop. i've said this the past two years, however, i started photographing stuff today! it's going to happen.
3. more playing and less tv for ollie. he's a happier kid when he watches less tv.
4. cook more. bring my lunch to work at least 2xs per week.
5. entertain more. dinner parties are fun.
6. exercise 5 days per week. lately i've not been able to get it together more than 3xs week. i'm in a better place when i exercise. it does wonders for the mind, in addition to the body.
7. post a picture a day on instagram.
8. go out on dates with my husband. i'm aiming for once every two weeks at a minimum. i miss him.
9. plan a beach vacation for next summer.

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