Friday, August 7, 2009

blog love

if you know me well, you know i am an avid blog reader.* in fact, since ollie was born 10 months ago, blogs are pretty much my favorite book.

(really the only books i've read since o was born have been parenting books. mostly because i like to obsess and worry. i'll save that for another post.)

anyway, i was thinking i'd start sharing some the blogs i read regularly here.

i thought i'd begin with whoorl and work my way up the list (alphabetically speaking). whoorl is best known (i think) for hair thursday. i highly recommend you go read this post though. when i first read this last summer it made me laugh so hard i cried. even rereading it last night i was laughing hysterically.

* how dorky does that sound? avid blog reader. avid blog reader.

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Elizabeth said...

I clicked over to read that Whoorl post and was reminded that HEY NOW! I USED TO READ THIS CHICK! I don't know how I lost her, and for a minute I wasn't sure it was the same lady because why would I have unsubscribed from her feed? But nope...I remember that she called her kid Wito and that I loved her! Thanks for redirecting me, pal.