Tuesday, August 11, 2009

blog love

i feel sort of silly (obvious?) for posting about maggie mason because i'm pretty sure everyone knows who she is.

if i saw her out and about in san francisco i'd probably gawk at her and try really hard to act all smooth and nonchalant, and really end up being creepy.

but, maggie mason is someone you should be reading if you aren't.

i particularly love the mighty closet posts, however, there's lots more to see here, including maggie's mighty life list, travel stories, design, and more.

she also started the very useful mighty goods, mighty junior and mighty haus sites. i've used them more than once for gift ideas for gabe. (it's extremely difficult for me to find presents for gabe, which really sucks because the guy gives the best presents.)

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Elizabeth said...

I've seen her in the wild! Okay, maybe not TRULY in the wild because the sighting was at the Dooce book signing, but I saw her with my own two eyes so it half counts.