Saturday, August 8, 2009

what we did in austin

all week g, o and i have been in austin, texas for the american cheese society conference.

we came early so we could see some of austin and hang with some special peeps.

four of those peeps included g's uncle and aunt, who reside in houston but were in austin for the first three days of our stay. they're super cool people, and their two beautiful kids are smart, funny and all around good kids. i wish we got to see them more.

we also got to see our old friend christina, who used to live in sf. she moved here a little over 3 years ago. since then, she's married a really sweet guy and had a gorgeous little son, who we got to meet. oh boy is he sweet and cute. seriously, i don't know how christina says no to her little guy. he's got big brown eyes, gorgeous sun-streaked hair and a smile that melts your heart.

we got to see some of austin, though after looking at the list below we mostly ate our way through austin. and shopped...

barton springs? there's nothing like it in san francisco. it's plain cool.

going on christina's recommendation we checked out uncommon objects on south congress. such a cool store. there are little (for lack of a better word) "stalls" that have little vignettes of rooms created. furniture, letters, glassware, pictures, shirts, jewelry...they have it all. i could've spent hours in here.

queso? i know so! i mean yes, please. if it weren't so hot here i would've bathed in the stuff. it's magic.

shandies by the pool at the hotel san jose?
hello, relaxing! and tasty, too.

i mentioned the torchy's in a previous post, but i'll say it again: fried avocado tacos. hells yeah.

jo's coffee, located in the parking lot of our hotel. i think we ate here almost every morning. their espresso is just right and their breakfast burritos hit the spot.

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