Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ho hum

i should be in bed. i have a meeting tomorrow morning at 7:30. ollie seems to be staying up later and later and as a result, i am staying up later and later.

this staying up later means that he sleeps later. on saturday he broke his all time record and slept in until 8:45. then, sunday he slept until 9:30. know what this means? i slept 'til 9:30. and it was beautiful. i tried to take a nap yesterday afternoon and i couldn't. guess i was just too rested from my 9 1/2 hours of rest.

so, this staying up late and sleeping late is good, except i've been going to work later, and unfortunately, daycare doesn't stay open later.

we must get back on track.

as i sit here eating peanuts and watching anthony bourdain eat his way through brazil.

this is not what i meant to write about. what i meant to mention was that ollie needs a haircut. really only his bangs need to be cut but gabe said he'll have a mullet it i only cut his bangs. the conundrum. so, i'll put it it off, like the doctor's appointments and oil change i'm putting off.


i should also try to break the pacifier habit. we're down to naps and nights, but sometimes i get sick of hearing about it so i cave. more on this later.

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