Tuesday, January 18, 2011

my day was going just swell until about 3:30 this afternoon when i started sneezing and sniffling a bit. all of a sudden, on the way home, i suddenly had a full blown cold. let me paint a picture: my nose is like a faucet. as one of my facebook friends from elementary school posts in her status updates, oh, about every other day, FML.

i think this is the 5th cold i've had since october. ollie started preschool in october and i blame ollie for this cold. he had it first and the kid has shit for manners. he keeps sneezing in my face.

my head is too congested to think of a clever way to transition into this. so, changing subject, moving right along:

i don't subscribe to gwyneth paltrow's "goop," but after reading beth spotswood's and crummy mummy's commentary about the same newsletter, i think i want to start. because i like to torture myself.

nighty night.

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