Friday, January 28, 2011

went to the doctor today, for a check up. really it was an introductory meeting because my doctor had to leave the practice. she told me she had to get a job. (at kaiser.) she had just had her second baby and she needed a job where it would be OK if she called in sick.

so anyway, i went to meet my (maybe) new doctor today. she was nice enough. (i really loved my old doctor. she'd come into the exam room and sit down and chat with me before she'd look in my ears. sometimes we'd sit there and chat for so long i'd get nervous about her other patients who were waiting.)

back to today. she asked more questions than any other doctor has ever asked me. i started to feel nervous. really, i had no issues or complaints. at one point she said, "i don't know what i really do for you, you seem healthy." and then she asked me 9,000 more questions. she was looking for something to help me with, or a drug to prescribe. i had nothing for her. in the end she ordered some lab work. for cholesterol and stuff like that. i felt so anxious when i left. is it normal for a 34-year old woman to get lab work? is she worried about me for some reason i don't know? my nervous nature needs a doctor who brushes things off, who shrugs and tells me i'm silly. or maybe someone in the middle. today's doctor was too gloom and doom.

on another note. ici. holy f'in amazing. the chartreuse chocolate is ridiculously delicious. i know this to be true because i just polished off nearly a 1/2 pint. or maybe more.

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