Thursday, May 19, 2011

could this be dressy enough for the wedding?

remember, i'm not much of a skirt girl. does this work?

this top:

with these pants:

and, there's always this dress:

all items from zara.


brooke said...

I LOVE the top and the Dress. I'm afraid if you wear the blouse with those pants your tiny little frame will get swallowed up in all the swooshing fabric!

Jane said...

Agreed. Really like all three (and Zara's stuff in general, especially in summer - really wish they would open up their sister store, Massimo Dutti, stateside). Not 100% sure about the top and the pants together. Might just be too flowy. Could be gorgeous though. And it looks super comfortable. Comfortable is good...

Btw, even though I love dresses and skirts, I have worn pants to at least 3 weddings in the past few years...and I think it worked. Only had one person told me she didn't like it (a fellow wedding guest at one of the occasions). And she was a weird horsey type, so it didn't bother me so much.

Happy dressing (I'm sure you'll find something) & wedding going...