Saturday, May 21, 2011


when i have things to do, i procrastinate. my nails are now painted and i'm caught up on my laundry. i'm trying to fight the urge to clean out my pantry. and, look, i'm blogging.

i wish louis ck would come west.

i pack heavy. these posts are inspiring.

a little ollie update, too:

hold you --sort of whimpered, means he wants me or gabe to hold him

sumic -- continues to be music

gabwielle -- gabrielle

mom -- he's trying mom out. i'm still mama when he's tired/scared/sad.

drum song --arcade fire's sprawl 2

bell song -- pj harvey's the last living rose

tiana -- his teacher, diana

pine cones -- "they look like raisins. but i can't eat them"

his friend triece is trice and his friend edie is eddie

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