Thursday, May 5, 2011

recently we moved out of our office in the east bay into an office in san francisco. my team works out of our individual home offices for the most part. we're required to be in the office once a week, for four hours. yesterday was an office day.

each tuesday i type up a recap of the prior week. i send it to 30+ people. yesterday i was writing this up, while sitting in a conference room with two other coworkers. one is a woman who used to have an office accross from mine. we had some catching up to do. meaning we were chatting it up. distractedly, i signed the email love, tracey.

thankfully i caught it and fixed it before sending it.

i guess i've been a bit out of it. today i sent an email to someone requesting ingredients, but instead of ingredients, i wrote notes. will you please send me the notes for that item.

focus tracey, focus.

on a completely other note, i cannot stand the pbs show caillou. he drives me crazy. ollie's watching him now. i need earplugs.

happy cinco de mayo.

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