Monday, May 9, 2011

To the three people who read this blog on the regular:

Do you read e-books? Is that even what they’re called?

Today I tried reading a book on the iPad for the first time.

The book is Tina Fey’s new one, Bossypants – Gabe had downloaded a preview. It’s very funny and I can’t wait to read it.

Also, I now know I am a book person. I like to hold a book, look at the cover, thumb through the pages, and revisit certain pages again.

At 10:12 tonight, I’m torn: do I buy the book and read it on the iPad? Or wait to buy the actual book??


Jane said...

Books all the way...(Sorry trees!). I already spend way too much time in front of screens. Plus, my favorite place to read is in the bathtub - already a bit at the limit of what I should be doing with library books, but it would be a disaster waiting to happen with an ipad or a kindle...unless they come out with a waterproof version of one of these gadgets, I'm sticking to paper...

Elizabeth said...

If I were an avid reader I'd totally go the Kindle route because I don't feel the need to keep all the books I've ever read and an electronic book seems less wasteful. Since I'm not, I just buy them as I need them. Or I borrow.