Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I just got so excited when I saw this: Schweet Boks: A Cereal Eatery and Cafe. Brilliant.

Listen up, all of you cereal lovers out there: We have found your Mecca. It’s called Schweet Boks Cereal Eatery & Cafe and it’s just opened on Irving Street in San Francisco. So what’s the appeal? The little ‘cereal bar’ offers up more than 30 varieties of crunchy breakfast goodness — everything from Grape Nuts to Cocoa Puffs — as well as a range of toppings so that you can make your bowl truly your own.
Mix and match to your heart’s content, then douse it all with milk and dive in. To round out that breakfast feel, Scwheet Boks also serves the divine Intelligentsia coffee from Chicago. But cereal is what this place is all about. Someone please page Jerry Seinfeld; he’ll think he’s died and gone to heaven.
--From the Urban Grocer, via Lost in A Minor.

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