Monday, November 29, 2010

Conversation on our drive home

Mama, snack. Oggie snack. Briana.
Sorry Ollie, mommy doesn’t have any bananas.
Now he’s whimpering: Briana. Briana.
Ollie, baby, sorry, mama doesn’t have any snacks. As soon as we get home, I promise.
Mama, snack. Mama, pluggy. Mama. Mama. Snack mama, pease.
Sorry Ollie, mama doesn’t have any pluggies and mama doesn’t have any snacks. When we get home you can have a snack.
Mama, snack. Snack please mama. Oggie snack. Oggie pluggy. Mmmmmmmmmaaama! Snack pease. Oggie snack. Oggie snack. Oggie pluggy.

Repeat x 100

I felt so bad. He barely touched his lunch and his lunch was at 11:30. And, his snacks at school are hardly substantial--fruit and water.

Lesson learned: Always have snacks on hand. “Oggie” needs ‘em.

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