Monday, November 8, 2010

a very long and useless post about jackets

i have some great jackets i've collected over the years.

there's the white 50's coat, that's really pretty, but it's white so it just doesn't work with everything. and i have a 2-year old who has no concept of dirty hands (unless there's sand on his hands--that drives him crazy). just writing about it though. i might try it on tomorrow.

and there's my favorite of all time, my red wool coat, which is fantastic. i think i bought it at saver's about 10 + years ago. (i wore it to my friend jane's wedding, which if memory serves was in december 2001?) the only problem with this coat is the lining is torn to shreds. and yeah, i could have it relined, but i'm the woman who's had a bag of clothes to bring to the dry cleaner since july. so the chances of me having it relined certainly aren't looking good for this winter.

which brings me to the pretty yellow plaid, vintage jacket gabe bought me when he was in toronto in 2005. it's only waiting to be altered. (see red coat above.)

so, i want a new jacket and i don't know where to begin to look. here are a few i found tonight.

jcrew coat

from j crew.

from zara.

apc from frances may.

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